Scottish police issue fines to group ignoring Coronavirus guidelines

Four people spotted on police helicopter camera, thermal imaging picture of people in a park,

A group of four people have been fined for flouting the new social distancing rules.  The group were spotted by a police helicopter as they stood chatting in Pollock Park, Glasgow.

Each person in the group has been issued with a fine for failing to follow the lockdown measures which have been put in place to slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

The Government recently announced that groups of more than two people would not be allowed to gather in public until further notice.  The strict new measures were put in place by the Scottish Government only a few days ago.

The Police Scotland Air Unit posted to their Twitter page, alongside an infrared photo of the group in the park "4 persons issued with ASB tickets at Pollok Park, Glasgow this afternoon. Our message is clear: STAY AT HOME #coronavirus #COVID19 #stayathome"

The new guidelines mean that people can only leave their house if they are going for essentials such as food and medicine, or to go for one form of exercise per day, such as walking or cycling.

Police had been alerted by the Air Support Unit after being seen "not abiding Government guidance regarding social distancing or gatherings of more than two people."

People who have flouted social distancing rules can be fined £60 by the police, but the fine is reduced to £30 if paid within two weeks. 

Derbyshire Police have also recently took to social media to show pictures of people flouting the rules, which had been taken with drone technology.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said "Despite posts highlighting issues of people still visiting the Peak District despite government guidance, the message is still not getting through. The Derbyshire Constabulary Drone Unit has been out at beauty spots across the county.

"Some number plates were coming back to keepers in Sheffield, so we know that people are travelling to visit these areas. Daily exercise should be taken locally to your home. Under government guidance all travel is limited to essential travel only."

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