Musselburgh High Street packed full of shoppers despite lockdown

Musselburgh High Street

Concerned members of the public have hit out at Musselburgh residents who have filled the town's High Street this morning, in spite of the government lockdown.

A photo shared on social media at around 11am this morning, showed the town's main shopping street packed with walkers and shoppers.

Just yesterday, both the Scottish and UK Government had advised people not to leave the house unless it was for essential food and medicines, or to go to work.

cold flu or covid-19

The social media user who shared the picture, added the caption "This is Musselburgh High Street right now my mum just sent it, are folk deluded?."

One commenter noted "That is very selfish!! They won’t like it if they get it or pass it onto a loved one."

Another social media user commented under the post "I live on the high street.  I cant believe what I'm seeing , and my wee Dad has cancer and we can't go near him.  Trying to keep him safe but you get these idiots going out.  It's hard for everyone who is trying to go by the rules.  We are all upset not seeing our loved ones but these idiots are making matters worse."

Another added "I cant believe what am seeing.  We will never get over this virus if this carries on.  Terrible."

This afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that 16 people have now died from Coronavirus in Scotland, up from 14 yesterday.  UK wide, the death toll now stands at 336. 

There are now 6,710 confirmed cases in the UK, while the Scotland figure has rose to 584, up from 499 just yesterday.

The Scottish Government have advised people in vulnerable groups such as people who take immune suppressants and people who have undergone serious operations to self isolate in order to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus.

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