Glasgow Wetherspoons sprayed with graffiti

Graffiti sprayed onto Wetherspoons pub in Glasgow

A Wetherspoons pub in Glasgow has been attacked with graffiti, with messages directly aimed at the pub chain's owner Tim Martin.  It comes only a few days after Martin faced criticism for advising staff to go and find 'work in Tesco' during the period of closure enforced by the UK Government.  Wetherspoons staff may also face delays to their wages according to reports.

Graffiti sprayed onto Wetherspoons pub in Glasgow

The slogans "Pay up Tim" and "Pay your workers" were spray painted onto the outside of the building at the Sir John Stirling Maxwell branch of Wetherspoons on Glasgow's Kilmarnock Road.

Tim Martin enjoying a pint at Wetherspoons

The budget boozer employs 40,000 people, and has drawn criticism over the way they have handled the Coronavirus crisis.  The pub chain closed their doors at all of their UK pubs from Friday after the Prime Minister ordered all pubs, restaurants and cafes to temporarily close to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Graffiti sprayed onto Wetherspoons pub in London

Above: A branch of Wetherspoons in London has also been attacked with graffiti.  The slogans "pay up" and "pay your staff" have been sprayed onto the windows with red and white spray paint.

Martin had originally argued that he should be allowed to keep his pubs open throughout the crisis.

He had originally said that staff would be paid wages that are due up until the date of closure, but would not pay out anymore until the UK Government fulfil their recent promise to cover 80% of staff wages.  But since the public outcry, Wetherspoons have now decided to pay up.

Members of the public reported that they spotted the graffiti early Thursday morning, which has now been removed.  It is unclear whether police are investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons said "No one has the right to to graffiti our property. This does not help the situation in anyway.  We have made it clear that all staff will be paid."

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