Boris Johnson puts the UK on full lockdown

Boris Johnson TV address

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a full lockdown of the UK, and has ordered people to stay in their homes, unless they are going to shop for essentials such as food or medicines, or travelling to and from work.  The lockdown will last for a minimum of three weeks.

355 people have now died in the UK from the Coronavirus, with 14 of those deaths in Scotland.

The UK will be following a string of other Europeans countries that have already gone into lockdown, such as Spain and Italy.

All non essential venues and shops will be closed, including clothes shops and hair salons.

People are not allowed to meet in groups larger than two if meeting in public unless they are from the same household.  The Prime Minister said that people are allowed to leave the house for exercise but are not allowed to congregate in groups.  He also confirmed that the police would now have the power to disperse large groups of people meeting in public.

Representatives from all four nations of the UK met today at a Cobra meeting in order to ensure that there is a UK wide approach to tackling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both the Prime Minister and the Scottish First Minister addressed the public on television tonight, and told members of the public to "stay at home" and only to leave for work, for essentials such as foods and medicines, and a maximum of once a day for exercise.

All non essential shops and retail outlets, libraries and even places of worship have been ordered to close.  Weddings and Christenings will also be banned.  Even funerals will be restricted to family only.

Nicola Sturgeon said that gatherings in public will now be prohibited, and also confirmed that Police Scotland would now have the power to disperse large crowds.

Emergency legislation has given powers to all of the devolved administrations to enforce rules to protect the public from the spread of the Coronavirus.

Ms Sturgeon said that she hopes and expects that people would simply comply with the rules and that enforcement would not be necessary.  

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